Extended Hands’ Coffee Mornings

Coffee Morning

Every Friday, people come together for Coffee Mornings filled with friendly connections, tasty treats, and a variety of enjoyable activities. These activities range from expressing creativity through art, discussing mental health, and seeking advice on different topics. The services go beyond just these activities – there’s also information about college courses, money management tips, eco-friendly … Read more

Extended Hands’ Coffee Mornings: A Blend of Inspiration, Creativity, and Togetherness

Coffee Morning

In the cozy realm of Extended Hands, the excitement of our Friday coffee mornings is a much-anticipated occasion. Our guests gather in a convivial environment, surrounded by delicious refreshments, delectable food, and the heartening company of our regular members. Each week, we offer a diverse array of activities from arts and crafts to insightful discussions … Read more

Fitness & Zumba


Every Saturday 12:30 – 1:30 We’d love for you to join us! 1 New Road, City Centre Peterborough, PE1 1TT Get Ready to Groove! 🕺💃 Discover the Joy of Dancing and Moving in a Relaxed and Inclusive Environment. No Pressure, Just Fun! Come As You Are and Let’s Dance Our Way to a Healthier You! … Read more

Pads4pals Nigeria

Brief on Executed Event of Period-Poverty Alleviation Among Rural Women/Girls in Nigeria: Pads4pals Organized for the Government Girls Secondary School, Dutse-Alhaji, Abuja by the Extended Hands (Nigeria Chapter) On Tuesday, 30th March, 2021 The event of Period-Poverty Alleviation Among Rural Women/Girls in Nigeria: Pads4Pals was successfully executed by the Extended Hands Team for the school-girls … Read more

Pads4Pals Uganda

Activity Report for pads4pals Project on the Distribution of Sanitary Pads to Girls and Women in Uganda By Mutima Outreach Ministries In Partnership With Extended Hands Prepared by Mutima Outreach Ministries, Kitala, Entebbe, Entebbe Highway p.o Box 1140, Entebbe-Uganda 1.0 Introduction Girls and women face substantial embarrassment and fear of teasing related to menstruation in the community and schools. … Read more

Journey Through Seasons: Chronicles of the Extended Hands Walking Group

Walking Group

September 2022: As the seasons begin to turn, the Extended Hands Walking Group gathered together for an autumnal adventure at Rivergate. Our morning was filled with the tranquil chirps of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, and the serene ripples of the river Nene. Captivating scenes of swans gliding with their cygnets, the picturesque … Read more

Our Free Activities

Extended Hands’ Activities At Extended Hands, we offer a variety of activities that aim to bring people together, promote personal growth, and inspire one another! Whether you enjoy coffee mornings with a chat and a snack or prefer walking groups to enjoy nature, find joy in stimulating Zumba classes or prefer the peaceful and inventive … Read more

Extended Hands International Women’s Day Event

Extended Hands International Women's Day Event

Extended Hands’ annual International Women’s Day event celebrates the achievements and uniqueness of women in our community. Annual Celebration in March At Extended Hands, we believe in fostering a stronger, more connected community, where women are at the forefront of positive change. Our International Women’s Day event is a testament to our commitment to empowering … Read more

Community Barbecue Day

The Impact

Extended Hands’ Annual Community Barbecue Day in September is more than just a date on the calendar; it’s a heartwarming celebration where people from all walks of life gather to create lasting memories. This event is a shining example of unity and togetherness, embodying the very essence of community spirit. Extended Hands’ Community Barbecue Day … Read more

Touching Lives One at a Time: The Impact of Extended Hands


As Extended Hands, we aim to create a sense of belonging in the hearts of women and girls, a community that alleviates feelings of loneliness, isolation, and rejection. Our vision is simple, yet profound: no woman or girl should ever feel marginalized or lonely. And it’s through our dedicated services that we strive to achieve … Read more