Extended Hands International Women’s Day Event

Extended Hands’ annual International Women’s Day event celebrates the achievements and uniqueness of women in our community.

Annual Celebration in March

At Extended Hands, we believe in fostering a stronger, more connected community, where women are at the forefront of positive change. Our International Women’s Day event is a testament to our commitment to empowering women and providing a platform for them to shine.

Captivating Moments: View Our Event Photos

Relive the magic of our past celebrations through captivating event photos that showcase the spirit of togetherness and empowerment. Take a glimpse into the inspiring moments shared by women from all walks of life, united in their strength and resilience.

An Annual Tradition of Empowerment

Our annual International Women’s Day celebration is a not-to-be-missed event. Each year, we come together to honor the progress made, reflect on the challenges faced, and embrace the limitless potential of women.

Join Us in Celebrating Womanhood

This event is all about celebrating womanhood and acknowledging the indomitable spirit of women in our community. It’s a day to recognize their accomplishments, as well as their roles as leaders, changemakers, and pillars of strength.

Empower. Inspire. Unite.

Extended Hands