Extended Hands’ Coffee Mornings: A Blend of Inspiration, Creativity, and Togetherness

In the cozy realm of Extended Hands, the excitement of our Friday coffee mornings is a much-anticipated occasion. Our guests gather in a convivial environment, surrounded by delicious refreshments, delectable food, and the heartening company of our regular members.

Each week, we offer a diverse array of activities from arts and crafts to insightful discussions on mental health, educational advice, and practical skills development. Our agenda ranges from budgeting talks to eco-consciousness discussions, cooking classes, creative sessions for handmade jewelry and candle making, and even calming pampering days. When weather permits, our coffee mornings turn into vibrant picnics in the park, complete with fun-filled quizzes and games.

On the 3rd of August 2021, we were privileged to have an inspiring talk from a coordinator at a busy nursing home. She enlightened us on the importance of balancing eight areas in our daily routine: mental, physical, spiritual, environmental, financial, occupational, social, and emotional well-being. Her insights on maintaining a balanced diet, exercising regularly, prioritizing personal hygiene, nurturing relationships, and ensuring financial stability resonated with all attendees.

Notably, our coffee mornings also offer great networking opportunities. On the same day, an amazing lady introduced us to various courses available at City College, providing valuable information to those interested in pursuing further education.

As we transitioned into Autumn, our coffee morning on October 1st centered around a nostalgic conversation, with ladies sharing stories about their school days. We also heard fascinating anecdotes from across the globe, shedding light on the incredible efforts of individuals to spread knowledge and help others.

On October 8th, we had an uplifting morning dedicated to mental health awareness. A brilliant lady named Vanessa offered advice about education and qualifications available at City College. This session was a testament to the power of positivity and the strength that comes from cherishing the little things in life.

Later that month, on October 22nd, we held a confidence-building workshop guided by a wonderful lady named Beverly. This session focused on overcoming job dissatisfaction, self-blame, and regrets. Beverly reinforced the importance of asking for help, reinforcing that therapy and supportive organisations are always available, no matter how big or small the problems may seem.

Our last October session on the 29th proved to be a magical experience, where a beloved member of Extended Hands introduced us to the delightful world of clay jewelry-making. We crafted various objects, from leaves to butterflies, which were taken home for painting and decoration.

In these challenging times, Extended Hands remains committed to providing a supportive community through our weekly coffee mornings. We continuously offer indoor and outdoor activities, weathering the storm with the help of our dedicated volunteers and helpers. The joy and learning we share in these sessions are a testament to the power of gratitude, resilience, and unity. We sincerely thank every member of Extended Hands for their participation, making each Friday a memorable one.

We eagerly anticipate the next opportunity to meet, share, and learn. Here’s to the strength of our community and the power of Extended Hands – we look forward to more enriching coffee mornings ahead!