Journey Through Seasons: Chronicles of the Extended Hands Walking Group

September 2022: As the seasons begin to turn, the Extended Hands Walking Group gathered together for an autumnal adventure at Rivergate. Our morning was filled with the tranquil chirps of the birds, the rustling of the leaves, and the serene ripples of the river Nene. Captivating scenes of swans gliding with their cygnets, the picturesque riverbank adorned with diverse flora, and the spectacular sight of numerous birds in flight were among the highlights of the day. Our walk ended with a well-deserved rest and a sweet treat at “The Boathouse.” Our walks serve as a reminder of the immense value of daily exercise for our wellbeing, making each day a memorable one.

October 5th: Cambridge was our destination on this day, a journey to the unknown on two buses from Rivergate. There were seven of us, relishing good food, great company, and a glorious walk through the Botanical Gardens. From the lowly ground covers to the towering trees, the variety of flora was a treat to our eyes. As the day progressed, we also had the opportunity to browse the diverse shops in the city. Despite the weather not being ideal, the trip was indeed fun and memorable. We’re already looking forward to the next visit.

October 11th: Our walking adventure took us back to the Rivergate shopping centre. The day was ideal for a walk, allowing us to discover more about the city we call home. With the river Nene as our guide, we traversed bridges, passed construction sites, and enjoyed the beautiful views of Fletton Quays. Our journey ended at Fletton, where we enjoyed a warm cup of coffee and biscuits at The Fleet, graciously offered for free due to our charity work at Extended Hands.

October 26th: This time, our weekly walking group set off from the city centre towards Stanground’s backwaters. Despite the breezy conditions, our spirits remained high as we soaked in the panoramic views around the river Nene. From friendly farm animals to playful ducks and swans, the area was teeming with wildlife, making our walk even more memorable.

November 2nd: A radiant sun greeted us at the Rivergate shopping centre for our weekly walk. Our route took us through Central Park, where the city’s wildlife put on a lively show for us. From squirrels darting across the paths to the vibrant birds inhabiting the wooden buildings, our walk was as much a visual treat as it was a healthy routine.

November 6th: Our journey took us to the charming town of Stamford this week. From a riveting poetry reading to a sumptuous lunch and browsing through quaint boutiques, our day was filled with wonderful moments. We even had the chance to explore a historical church, adding an architectural charm to our day. The whole trip was full of fun and excitement and we can’t wait for our next visit, hopefully, when the market is open on a Friday.

Through each of these walking adventures, we are reminded of the joy of sharing experiences, the thrill of discovering new sights, and the importance of staying active. Here’s to more exciting journeys ahead with the Extended Hands Walking Group!