Touching Lives One at a Time: The Impact of Extended Hands

As Extended Hands, we aim to create a sense of belonging in the hearts of women and girls, a community that alleviates feelings of loneliness, isolation, and rejection. Our vision is simple, yet profound: no woman or girl should ever feel marginalized or lonely. And it’s through our dedicated services that we strive to achieve this.

Our services are designed to engage, inspire, enable, and empower. On Fridays we host Coffee and Tea Mornings, offering a space where our service beneficiaries can share stories, laughter, and create strong bonds. We conduct well-being workshops, personal development programs, and arrange social activities to foster personal growth and community bonding.

At the heart of our efforts is the mission to raise awareness about the dangers of isolation and loneliness, thereby promoting happiness, improving mental health, and enhancing the overall quality of life of our service beneficiaries. This is precisely what Extended Hands support services stand for.

With Hospital Visits, Hot Meals, Food Parcels, and Baby Essentials, we’ve supported 77 women and their families between September 2021 and August 2022 alone. The words of one of our members, LJ, who called Extended Hands her ‘lifeline’, encapsulate the essence of our community efforts.

One of our members, LT, recalls her journey with us. She joined Extended Hands in April 2022 and wasn’t sure what to expect initially. However, the warm welcome she received and the continued support and respect from the group have helped her regain her confidence during a tough time. Extended Hands, for her, was a ‘guiding light’ that not only listened but also provided a space for mutual support and learning.

Our efforts are far from unnoticed. Our members’ feedback shines a light on the tangible impact our community has had on their lives. Comments such as “Enjoyed Tuesday more than I have in 30 years” – SA and “The most healing place I’ve been in my 82 years of life.” – RS, are a testament to the positive influence Extended Hands has on its members.

Our activities are varied, from arts and crafts to fitness sessions, afternoon tea, cooking sessions, and self-defence lessons. A notable highlight is our walking group, praised by one of our members as one of their “favourite weekly activities.”

Through the resilience and dedication of Extended Hands, lives have been transformed, friendships have been formed, and a strong community has been built. We continue to strive to touch lives one at a time, fostering an atmosphere of acceptance and belonging, while creating memorable experiences for everyone involved.